Digital Advertising’s Biggest Demon

Online Fraud

Ever since the advent of AdWords, fake clicks have been an insidious problem for advertisers. But today that problem is bigger than it’s ever been before. How big? Well, according to a new report, bot fraud is a $6.3 billion problem. That represents

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I Was Excited When I Got This Letter from Starbucks – But When I Looked Inside…

Starbucks Via Mailer

If you’ve been paying any attention to Starbucks, then you know they’ve been advertising much more than they did back in the 1990s and early 2000s. They’re running ads on TV, partnering with The Voice, and even sending out direct mail. Yes, direct mail!

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Dear Google, Please Take Me Off Your Dumb Mailing List


Google sent me yet another direct mail letter. They really, really want me to sign up for AdWords. They even offered me a $100 advertising credit if I’ll chip in $25 of my own. See for yourself…

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If this Ad Sold 2 Cans of Paint, I’d Probably Be Overestimating Results by at Least 50%

Glidden Color Beast

As I was working earlier this week, I came across this sad little ad that’s pitching Glidden paint. The ad says: “Picking a color can be a real beast. We’ll help you tame it.” The call to action is: “Roll Over for More” This ad is a disaster. Here’s why…

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See If You Can Spot the 6 Reasons Why I Turned this Project Down

Turn down project

Obviously, I don’t do business with every potential client who contacts me. Sometimes my fee is too high. Sometimes I don’t have time in my schedule. And… sometimes… I simply don’t want to do business with the person who contacted me. Such is the case here. I’ve reproduced our correspondence (with name removed) so you…

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