Amazon Offers $20,000 in Gift Certificates for Best Advertisement

Get this: Amazon just kicked off an advertising contest where the winners get $20,000 in Amazon Gift Certificates. Looks like they’ll be choosing two winners, and they’ll each get a $10,000 gift certificate.

I figured you’d want to know about it because chances are you’re good at writing copy… or… you want to get good at writing copy. And even though the contest involves creating a VIDEO ad, I figured it would be a fun exercise in advertising.

Who knows? Maybe it will push you to broaden your copywriting horizons.

Personally, I plan to carve out some time for this, just for the fun of it. Plus, it’ll force me to buy that Flip video camera I’ve been eyeing for the last year.

Interested in learning more or creating an ad for the contest? Go check it out here:

Amazon Advertising Contest

-Ryan M. Healy

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Ryan M. Healy

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