Product Creation

An Inside Peek at Product Creation

by Ryan M. Healy on March 31, 2011

Yesterday, I did a 1-hour interview with John Breese. Our primary purpose was to discuss product creation, and we did that. But we also discussed productivity, copywriting, the state of Internet marketing, even John Wilkes Booth. The interview is free — and there’s nothing for sale. You can download it here: How to Create a […]

Need a Copy Critique?
Copy critiques are probably one of the least sexy ways of increasing online sales. And yet a good copywriting critique can pay off in spades, both in lower customer acquisition costs, as well as healthier profits.  Book Yours Now »

A Simple Strategy for Creating and Launching More Products

by Ryan M. Healy on January 24, 2011

One of my goals this year is to sell more products and services that don’t require my direct daily involvement. For instance, I’d rather sell a product and have it fulfilled automatically than book a copywriting job that I have to spend a couple weeks to complete. Toward that end, I’m focusing on two specific […]

Which Half of Your Advertising Is Wasted?
John Wanamaker once said, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." But thanks to technology, it's now easy to know which half of your advertising is working... and which half isn't. That's because LinkTrackr reveals the profitablity of ALL your advertising.  Start Tracking Now! »

Form(at) Determines Value

by Ryan M. Healy on September 17, 2010

Here’s a simple way to instantly build more value into your information products: change the form(at) of your content. Let’s say you have 2,000 words of content on a certain topic. You now have a choice of how to publish that content. There are basically three different ways to deliver content as a product: print, audio, […]

Is It Really Possible to Send a Greeting Card for Less than $1?
Since 2008 I've been using Send Out Cards to stay in touch with my clients. For less than $1, I can send a custom greeting card to anybody. I can even mail all my clients at one time. If you're in a service business and want an easy way to stay in touch with clients, you're going to love Send Out Cards.  Click here to see how easy and affordable it is to use Send Out Cards »

List Management, Fake Endorsements, and The Syndicate

by Ryan M. Healy on August 23, 2010

As a list owner, I feel a certain responsibility to you, my dear reader. Therefore, it’s my goal to provide you with rich content mixed with occasional offers for products and services that may benefit you. Obviously, if I endorse somebody else’s product or service as an affiliate, then that means I’ve either purchased the […]

Your Web Site Is Losing Money...
If you're not doing everything you can to build trust with your potential customers, then your web site is losing money 24/7. Fix this problem fast with the HONESTe Online Trust Seal -- proven to increase conversions by 17.6%.  Click here to learn more »

A Theory of Value

by Ryan M. Healy on July 23, 2010

After a few Belgian beers at The Cheeky Monk, my friend Chad and I began to talk about economics. As we discussed the source and nature of money, we began to zero in on the idea of value. What is value? How is it created? Where does it come from? Initially, I argued that value […]

How to Break Through Writer's Block and Write Winning Ads
Even the best copywriters sometimes get stuck for words and struggle to write winning ads. But what if there was a surefire way to smash through writer's block and write winning copy almost every single time? Good news -- there is.  Click Here to Read the Complete Article »