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A Simple Strategy for Creating and Launching More Products

One of my goals this year is to sell more products and services that don’t require my direct daily involvement. For instance, I’d rather sell a product and have it fulfilled automatically than book a copywriting job that I have to spend a couple weeks to complete. Toward that end, I’m focusing on two specific […]

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Form(at) Determines Value

Here’s a simple way to instantly build more value into your information products: change the form(at) of your content. Let’s say you have 2,000 words of content on a certain topic. You now have a choice of how to publish that content. There are basically three different ways to deliver content as a product: print, audio, […]

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List Management, Fake Endorsements, and The Syndicate

As a list owner, I feel a certain responsibility to you, my dear reader. Therefore, it’s my goal to provide you with rich content mixed with occasional offers for products and services that may benefit you. Obviously, if I endorse somebody else’s product or service as an affiliate, then that means I’ve either purchased the […]

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