Cash Flow, Lawsuits & Arguing with Idiots

A couple weeks ago I ran a simple poll in the Product Creation Work Group. I asked the group members: “What is currently your biggest business problem?” Here were the results:

What is your biggest business problem?

As you can see, “Inconsistent cash flow” was the clear winner. A larger sample size might have produced a different result. But I’m willing to bet “Inconsistent cash flow” would have still come out on top.

With that in mind, I thought it would be good to remind you of a post I wrote about 18 months ago: Cure Cash Flow Problems Quickly

One thing I don’t mention in the article linked above is that starting some sort of continuity income could go a long way towards leveling out your cash flow.

When Jason Leister asked Doberman Dan the one thing he’d do differently if he were starting over in business today, he said: “I wouldn’t go into a business that couldn’t have some kind of continuity product or service.”

I’ve been contemplating Dan’s statement for more than a year now.


I’ve been an avid Salty Droid reader for quite some time. I think I’ve read every blog post he’s ever written. Some people are turned off by the Salty Droid’s tactics, but it’s not all satire and parody. He often posts significant stories and developments that are worth knowing about.

For example, Dallas Attorney Alan Rosenberg is preparing a class action lawsuit against Stephen Pierce International and the various businesses that Pierce is affiliated with.

If you’ve been scammed by Stephen Pierce or one of his boiler rooms, then you might consider joining the class action lawsuit. Email Alan Rosenberg ([email protected]) for additional details.


Last fall I read Three Cups of Deceit by Jon Krakauer and posted a review of it on

Shortly thereafter, two people began arguing with me about the validity of Krakauer’s arguments. Unfortunately, I can’t resist arguing with idiots. So I went back and forth with them a few times.

Anyway, this morning I discovered that Krakauer has been vindicated. Montana’s attorney general has found that Mortenson essentially stole $1 million from his own charity, CAI. He is now being forced to repay it.

Remembering my review, I went to Amazon to leave a comment about the judgment against Mortenson. Lo and behold! At least one of the idiots deleted her comments last night. I assume she did this immediately after the news broke.


Don’t forget… I’m always open to your questions and ideas for future blog posts. The last time I asked for suggestions, some of the settings in the Google Doc were not set properly (my fault), so I think I missed a lot of comments.

Anyway, I’ve written all the posts that readers voted for. So if you’d like to vote for another blog post — or suggest a new one — you can do so here:


That’s all for today. Have a great weekend!

-Ryan M. Healy

Ryan M. Healy

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