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Most Viral Videos Are Stupidly Pointless [Here’s Proof]

If viral content doesn’t produce new subscribers, leads, or customers, what’s the point? New viral content comes out every single week of the year. Most viral videos are quickly forgotten after their 24 hours of fame — even if they garner millions of views and hundreds of editorial mentions during that time. Remember the summer […]

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Why Paying Closer Attention to Your Ad Copy Improves Sales

John E. Kennedy is often credited with saying, “Advertising is salesmanship in print.” If you read Reason Why Advertising, you will see he actually said, “Advertising is just Salesmanship-on-paper.” Same idea, slightly different wording. Later, on the very same page, he says, “Advertising is just Salesmanship multiplied.” Apparently, this was a commonly repeated idea during […]

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