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Results of Daily Blogging Experiment

I blogged daily, Monday through Friday, from January 1st through March 31st, 2012. The results were interesting. Traffic went WAY up. It more than doubled. I had 21,707 unique visitors in 4th quarter 2011… but 46,322 unique visitors in 1st quarter 2012. “List churn” increased quite a bit. Lots of new people subscribing, nearly as […]

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3 Tips for Idea Generation

This post is all about idea generation. It’s about how you can be more creative and come up with more ideas for new articles, new products, and even new businesses. Interestingly, I had already drafted this post when I received this question from a blog subscriber: You recently emailed me asking for your subscribers to […]

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CommentLuv Internal Server Error

If you’ve installed CommentLuv on your blog and are seeing an Internal Server Error when leaving a comment, here’s the problem. First of all, your site is probably hosted with Hostmonster or BlueHost. These two hosting companies have the same owner. Both hosting companies use CPU throttling if a script or chron job is taking […]

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