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The Biology of Risk-Taking

Have you ever wondered what causes booms and busts? Or why some people are naturally better at risk-taking than others? In the new book The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, John Coates examines these questions and the biology that affects our appetite for risk. Coates’s lab is a New York trading floor where individual traders […]

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leeclowsbeard VS. ryanhealyssoulpatch

I learned about leeclowsbeard last week. Lee Clow is an ad man. He created the famous Apple 1984 commercial. leeclowsbeard is a Twitter profile that posts little bits of wisdom about advertising. But they are not written by Lee Clow — they’re written by his beard (AKA a feller from Texas named Jason Fox). Rather […]

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One-Star Reviews on Amazon

If you ever want to know whether a certain product on Amazon is good or bad, I recommend you read the 1-star reviews. That’s what I do. All the positive reviews usually sound alike. The 1-star reviews, though, quickly reveal a product’s true worth. That’s because the bad reviews either have merit… or… they don’t. […]

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