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Book Lovers – Pay Attention!

I just got done reading three marketing newsletters. I used to be good about tearing open the envelope whenever a newsletter arrived and reading it right then and there. These days, I’m more prone to save up two or three and then “batch” them by reading them one right after the other. Anyway, whether it’s […]

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Some Interesting Numbers

I mailed all the books today. Here are some numbers I thought you might find interesting. Total sales: 85 (34 within the U.S. and 51 international) Total cost of postage: $583.60 Total conversion rate: 22% That number comes from this calculation: 85 sales / 385 unique visitors to my blog during the promotion = 22% […]

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Save a Back: Buy a Book

Well, today is my birthday. And as you might already know, today is also the last chance you have to get a copy of Million Dollar Marketing Secrets for $7. This is a real book. It is printed on real paper. And it’s even sent using real postal mail. :-) Today’s message might persuade you […]

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