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You Have to Read This Now

Last week I asked, “Does transparency hurt business?” With a few extreme exceptions, the consensus was no, transparency does NOT hurt business. In fact, it is a good thing in many cases. But what about a lack of transparency? What about the fabrication of a “grand illusion”? Turns out, people respond quite negatively when they […]

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The Ethics of Idea Theft

Fact #1: Words can be copyrighted; ideas can’t. Fact #2: Original ideas are about as rare as 10-karat diamonds. “Idea theft,” as I’ve called it in the title of this post, has been on my mind for a couple of reasons. The first incident happened a few months ago when a good friend of mine […]

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The Heart of a Servant

I’m a service provider. I write copy for people who want to sell products and services using the written word. Perhaps you are a service provider, too. Or perhaps you sell products of some kind. Either way, it doesn’t matter. This post will still be relevant to you. Based on a number of posts I’ve […]

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