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Oozing Political Apathy

A friend on Facebook admonishes: “this is exactly what [politicians] want, an attitude of apathy… don’t give in to them.” I care less and less about politics these days. Back in 2008, I was excited to see Ron Paul gain traction. And I was excited again this year to see him gain even MORE traction. […]

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The Legal Woes of the Casket-Making Monks

It turns out, the state of Louisiana is in bed with funeral directors. They’ve got a law on the books that allows ONLY funeral directors to sell “funeral merchandise.” So unless you’re a state-licensed funeral director, you’re SOL. The monks of St. Joseph Abbey didn’t know this when they started making simple wood caskets to […]

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Tyranny and the Death of Honest Industry

The U.S. tax system is a malignant cancer: as it metastasizes, it brings with it a huge administrative burden, disincentives to produce anything of value, and the death of honest industry. Ultimately, a civil government’s laws and tax system reflect its underlying values (or lack thereof). In the U.S., it’s clear that we’ve transitioned away […]

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