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New Book Explores the Hidden Power of Context

If you enjoyed reading Cialdini’s Influence, Ariely’s Predictably Irrational, or Freakonomics by Levitt and Dubner, then chances are you’ll enjoy the new behavioral psychology book Situations Matter by Sam Sommers. Situations Matter explores how our behavior is shaped by circumstance. For example: In one situation, we may be proactive; but in a similar situation with […]

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Unexamined Opinions

The world is full of unexamined opinions. If you doubt this statement, here’s how to prove it to yourself: Educate yourself deeply on just about any subject, then go engage somebody in a discussion. After that discussion, go have another. And another. And another. Over the course of these discussions with your friends and family […]

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Sell by Building Rapport

In the book My Voice Will Go with You, the author Sidney Rosen recounts the teaching tales of Milton Erickson. I found this one particularly interesting because of the sales lesson it teaches. It’s called “Scratching Hogs” (Milton Erickson is the one speaking). One summer I sold books to pay my way through college. I […]

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