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How Good Copy Makes B2B Sales Presentations More Effective

I used to think copywriting was good for selling consumers stuff like penny stock newsletters, rare gold coins, and for causes that preserve fish habitats. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. Good copywriting is not just for direct mail marketers. It can work wonders for more “traditional” businesses that sell products and services to […]

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Holy Hail, Batman!

6:30 p.m., June 6, 2012 That’s when the hail started coming down. It didn’t stop completely until 9:30 — 3 hours later. Most of the hail was about the size of a dime in diameter. Some pieces were as large as quarters. But it wasn’t the size of the hail that was so unusual… it […]

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Cold Calling Claptrap

Ever since I got my Ooma VOIP system, I’ve reduced my sales calls quite a bit. Anytime I get a sales call (usually a robocaller), I simply add the number to my blacklist. No more sales calls! Or almost… Lately, they’ve been resorting to using local numbers that make it look like a legitimate phone […]

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