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Just One Penny

There are far more beggars in Florida than there are in Colorado. It’s hard to go anywhere without being panhandled. Not only that, the beggars in Florida are much more aggressive. They walk in between cars stopped at busy intersections doing their best to make eye contact. They make you uncomfortable. Clearly, these men and […]

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Sell by Building Rapport

In the book My Voice Will Go with You, the author Sidney Rosen recounts the teaching tales of Milton Erickson. I found this one particularly interesting because of the sales lesson it teaches. It’s called “Scratching Hogs” (Milton Erickson is the one speaking). One summer I sold books to pay my way through college. I […]

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Jason Fried on Selling

There’s a great article in the March 2011 issue of Inc. Magazine. It’s called “What I learned from selling shoes, computers, tennis rackets, weaponry, radar detectors, books, conferences, and software OR How I Got Good at Making Money” by Jason Fried, the founder of 37signals and creator of Basecamp. Long title, I know. But it’s […]

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