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Failed First Attempts

I decided to try my hand at gardening this year. Bought a few tomato and pepper starters, and started the rest from seed. After getting everything in the ground and watering for a few weeks, it was exciting to see the green shoots poking through the soil. Unfortunately, my fledgling garden was destroyed by hail […]

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Wisdom to Get You Through the Slow Times

If you’ve ever been in business, then you know that seasons affect your sales. Certain times of the year are busier; others are slower. Tree nurseries do the bulk of their business in spring. Education companies do the bulk of their business in late summer. Toy companies do the bulk of their business during November […]

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Be Stingy with Testimonials

On the one hand, getting testimonials from colleagues and clients can boost your credibility in the market and help you get more business. On the other hand, giving out testimonials can be risky business. If you give somebody a testimonial or endorsement after only brief interaction with him, you’re playing with fire. You don’t really […]

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