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Business Growth in Bad Times

In Spring of 2008, I was brainstorming ideas for new blog posts. I wrote down “Business Growth in Bad Times” on a piece of scrap paper. Underneath, I listed three strategies. Then I placed the scrap paper next to my phone where it has been sitting for six months. Finally, I have transformed my note […]

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Rick Butts Says… Unsubscribe!

It’s not often that I feel compelled to share a blog post with you right after I finish reading it. This is one of those times. If you are involved in online marketing as a student or marketer, take five minutes to read this timely message from Rick Butts: ==> Unsubscribe from Whomever Emailed You […]

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Copywriting Is Not the Most Important Skill

Terry Dean has recently made two public statements on his blog about the value of copywriting. In one post, he wrote, “Copywriting really is the million-dollar skill.” Only four days later, Terry wrote, “If there was one skill you could learn that would almost guarantee the success of your Internet business, it would be copywriting.” […]

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