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leeclowsbeard VS. ryanhealyssoulpatch

I learned about leeclowsbeard last week. Lee Clow is an ad man. He created the famous Apple 1984 commercial. leeclowsbeard is a Twitter profile that posts little bits of wisdom about advertising. But they are not written by Lee Clow — they’re written by his beard (AKA a feller from Texas named Jason Fox). Rather […]

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Don’t Build a Business on Top of Fickle Social Media (Especially Twitter)

Here’s more proof that you should never build a business on top of fickle social media. Twitter Suspends UberMedia, Creator of TweetDeck Twitter holds all the cards in this “negotiation.” If you build a business on top of Twitter (or any other social media company), you’re in an extremely vulnerable position. With a snap of […]

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How to Connect on Twitter

New Twitter followers are a dime a dozen. Maybe even a nickel or a penny. (Blame it on all the spam accounts.) Which means it’s not enough to merely follow somebody to get their attention. You need to go a step further and begin to interact with that person. Send them an @reply. Or retweet […]

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Instantly Obsolete: The Danger of Building Your Business on Top of Fickle Social Media

If you’re building your business solely on top of a fickle web-based business like Google, Facebook, or Twitter, I strongly advise you to BE CAREFUL. All it takes is one tweak of an algorithm… one revision of the Terms of Service… and you could be out of business faster than you can say “Google Slap.” […]

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