leeclowsbeard VS. ryanhealyssoulpatch

I learned about leeclowsbeard last week.

Lee Clow is an ad man. He created the famous Apple 1984 commercial.

leeclowsbeard is a Twitter profile that posts little bits of wisdom about advertising.

But they are not written by Lee Clow — they’re written by his beard (AKA a feller from Texas named Jason Fox).

Rather than let all those tweets remain stuck in digital suspension, they’ve now been published in book format.

leeclowsbeard is (not surprisingly) also the title of the book.

I bought the book on an impulse. Some of the quips are fairly insightful.

Here’s one I liked:

“The client may be the judge, but the consumer is
the jury and executioner.” 8:35 a.m. Dec 1st 2010

Well, leeclowsbeard, you’re not the only facial hair that knows how to tweet smart-sounding stuff!

Here’s a sampling of my 8,491 tweets of pure Twitter gold.

(By the way, these were spoken not by my beard, but by the soul patch which grows under my bottom lip.)

“Freelancing Tip: Invoice promptly to avoid cash
flow problems.” 9:27 a.m. May 15th 2012

“I wish I could strike the word ‘best’ from
copywriters’ vocabulary. Only LAZY copywriters use
the word ‘best.'” 9:56 a.m. May 18th 2012

“TIP: Get agreement on copy angle from client
before you write. Saves you frustration down the
road.” 1:24 p.m. June 7th 2012

“Writing a book about a social media platform
seems like a really dumb thing to do.” 4:54 p.m.
June 7th 2012

“Every politician’s middle initials are CYA.” 2:53
p.m. June 12, 2012

“Longer loans and leases for new cars – a sign
that people don’t have much $$ to spend.” 3:47
p.m. June 12th 2012

“Big businesses are often concerned with getting
special favors from the government — to keep
competitors out.” 9:58 a.m. June 13th 2012

I know you’re probably thinking, “I wish I had a soul patch that was as pithy and insightful as Ryan’s!”

But fear not…

You don’t have to have a soul patch to enjoy more tweets like these.

Just hop on over to


…and hit the Follow button.

-Ryan M. Healy

P.S. If tweets aren’t your thing, and you prefer in-depth lessons to random quips, then you may prefer to join Copywriting Code where the lessons are actually written by me and NOT my facial hair:


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