How the Media Tries to Get You to Vote for Bad Candidates

Old media is still a powerful tool that influences millions of people every single day.

Yet the media is far from objective in its coverage of political issues. Reporting is dead; but putting spin on information is alive and well (even if you’re in the “No-Spin Zone”).

With that in mind, let’s talk about this issue of “electability.” Why is it being repeated so much by the talking heads on TV?

The reason is simple:

They’re trying to convince you that it’s better to vote for a bad candidate who might be able to beat Obama than a good candidate whom the establishment would like you to believe doesn’t have a chance.

But this is the underlying message: There is a better candidate!

His name is Ron Paul.

And if people stopped believing the lie that they must vote “for the lesser of two evils,” then Ron Paul would beat Obama by a landslide.

-Ryan M. Healy

Ryan M. Healy

Ryan Healy is a financial copywriter and the author of Speed Writing for Nonfiction Writers. Since 2002, he has worked with scores of clients, including Agora Financial, Lombardi Publishing, and Contrarian Profits. He writes a popular blog about copywriting, advertising, and business growth, has been featured in publications like Feed Front magazine, and has been published on sites like,, and

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