Tired of Wasting Time? Here Are the Top 10 Time Killers

Here’s a guest article from OfficeTime.net. I share it because I participated in their survey. Enjoy! -Ryan M. Healy LONDON — In its third annual “Top Time Killers” survey, OfficeTime.net asked over 1,300 people — mostly freelancers, small business owners and other professionals — about how much time they spend on a variety of activities […]

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Yes, Your Prospects Will Read a 10-Page Sales Pitch [Here’s Why]

Recently a client expressed his concern that his prospects would not read a long sales pitch. “I don’t know… I just don’t think they’d read a 10-page letter,” he said. This isn’t a new concern. Clients the world over believe their customers are different. Their customers would never read a 10-page letter, much less a […]

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How to Beat “Showrooming” Customers Instead of Fearing Them

The November 24, 2013 issue of the Denver Post ran an interesting story on the front page of the Business section. “Price checks ruffle retail” says the headline. “Cellphone-using shoppers force stores to rethink policies.” Hmmm… a big problem faced by brick-and-mortar retailers that will probably become as big as it’s ever been this holiday […]

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