Let’s Celebrate My Exciting Copywriting Career [8 Years]

This Thursday is June 13th.

It’s a big day for me because it marks 8 years since I launched my freelance copywriting career.

I can’t say I’ve loved every second of it (I’ve never liked accounting), but I can say that I greatly enjoy what I do… writing copy and serving clients.

So to celebrate my 8-year freelance anniversary, I’ve put together an irresistible offer for you.

The short version:

  • You can get a copy critique for $247.50 — which is HALF OFF my normal rate of $495.
  • You’ll get two bonus gifts — one of which costs $249 right this very second. But both gifts are yours free with this offer.
  • This crazy half-off special ends Friday, June 14 — or after I sell 10 critiques — whichever comes first.

To get all the details, or to place your order, go here:


-Ryan M. Healy

Ryan M. Healy

Ryan Healy is a financial copywriter and the author of Speed Writing for Nonfiction Writers. Since 2002, he has worked with scores of clients, including Agora Financial, Lombardi Publishing, and Contrarian Profits. He writes a popular blog about copywriting, advertising, and business growth, has been featured in publications like Feed Front magazine, and has been published on sites like WordStream.com, SmallBizClub.com, and MarketingForSuccess.com.